Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

When my wife Lisa gave birth to our son Robert, I immediately began thinking of ways to monetize our little miracle. It’s so important to start building awareness of your child’s brand as soon as he’s born. And what better way to do that than with blogging?

What’s that? You say no one’s blogging anymore? You’re probably right. I am jumping on the dad-blogging bandwagon right as it’s shuddered to a halt, the wheels have fallen off, and it’s caught on fire. It seems like most people are documenting their parenting moments on Instagram and Pinterest. However, I think that often leads to awful things like this. Also, I’m not very good at taking pictures. Blogging it is.

In all honesty, I’m not even sure how much mileage I can get out of writing about parenting. Babies, while cute, don’t really do a whole lot.  I’d love to tell you about my son’s fascinating insights about world events, but when I talk about things like Greece’s potential exit from the Eurozone with him, he doesn’t exactly hold up his end of the conversation. Don’t even get me started on his inability to look at an issue of The Economist without trying to chew on it.  I’ll try to write as much as I can about being a dad, and when I don’t really have anything to say on that subject, I’ll write about things like which of the sequels to Halloween is the best. (Answer: it’s Halloween 3: Season of the Witch.)

I have no real expectations for this project. I used to blog some time ago, but I abandoned it for Twitter. I hope to stick with it longer this time around. I’m sure there aren’t many people who really need to read another parenting blog, so the audience for this will probably be pretty small. However, becoming a father has been a pretty big deal for me, so I thought it would be nice to write down my thoughts. Hopefully they will be interesting to someone other than me.

I wore an Iron Maiden shirt to the birth of my child. It's the classiest shirt i own.
Me holding my son on the night he was born. I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just whispered “Welcome to planet Earth. My name is Chris, but you can call me dad, ” in his ear.

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